I came from a Hindu Religion Background, who worshipped idols and daemons. I am the only son to my Mother and I have no Brothers and Sisters. And in this worldly life I was enjoying all the evil things in my life, and one day (in the year 1992) I was fed up with all these thing in my life and decided to get suicide. In that time a Believer of Jesus Christ preached me the Gospel of Lord Jesus and in evening of the same day he showed a film made on Jesus Christ named DAYASAGARA. As I was seeing the film I saw Jesus getting nailed for the sins made by us, and at the same time I confessed all my sins and accepted him as my Savior and decided to live for Him. After some days growing in Christ and in His word I got baptized on 10/03/1992. Lord called me for His service when I was in prayer. He said that "Do not make anything for yourself in this world but hope for the reward in the Heaven". Then I came to know that if I win souls for His

Kingdom I will get a greater reward in Heaven. At this time of calling I was just 15yrs Old.

A preacher told that he will join me to a Bible college and took me to a place where many of them were distributing the literatures of

Jesus and showing the films based on Jesus but not to Bible College. Glory is to God that He used me mightily there for 3 years. Later in 1995-1996 I   got an opportunity to study in a Bible college. I completed my Bible College and I was praying for which place I should go to preach the gospel, and I was praying that it should be a place where the word of God has not yet received. Then God guided me through His visions to go to Holenarsipura in 1997.It is a place of a former Prime Minister H.D.Devegowda of India.

When I came to this place not even a single home was available for me to stay but there was a small congregation of Believers. And I went to them to ask for help to preach the gospel but they created a oppositional environment for me in such a way that I will not get any chance to preach the gospel there. So I went back to my hometown and prayed with fasting for this place to be reached by God and to get

a rented home for me to stay in this place. Then God said to Me that "Human is equal to a piece of grass why are you afraid of him".

These words encouraged me a lot and I decided that it will be for His sake if I live and if I die it will be for His sake. And keeping faith on

Him I packed all my luggage and went to Holenarsipura.

By His Grace and Mercy its been 14years I am serving Him in this place in spite of many struggles and problems and God has increased by ministry and there is a congregation of about 400 souls that I have won in Him for His Kingdom.


Your's in His Service,



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Sister Hema(Wife)

Esther Baby and Abishek


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Sharing The Word Of GOD

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Wife        -Mrs.HEMA

Daughter - Esther Baby(14yrs)

 Son          -Abishek(10yrs)
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